Japanese Bamboo…Harmonious in your home and Bedroom…



Japanese Sacred Bamboo promotes harmony and happiness in gardens and in prints, and art.

A selection of products for the home featuring this harmonious element…quilt covers, pillows, curtains, prints and other products…..

The symbolism of bamboo in Asian culture

The mystique and beauty of the bamboo forest is one of the most common themes for paintings and jade carvings, and bamboo forests have been used as atmospheric backdrops in many movies. For example, the Oscar-winning “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”, directed by Ang Lee, was partly filmed in a bamboo forest.

In Chinese culture, the bamboo, plum blossom, orchid, and chrysanthemum (often known as méi lán zhú jú) are collectively referred to as the Four Noble Ones. These four plants also represent the four seasons. The pine tree, the bamboo, and the plum blossom (song zhú méi) are also admired for their perseverance under harsh conditions, and are together known as the “Three Friends in Winter“.



japanese_bambo_curtains japanese_bambo_king_duvet japanese_bambo_shower_curtain japanese_bambo_wall_decal_sticker



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